Google Plus What?

I don't like when sites litter their pages with social media links just begging to be clicked, but I also didn't want to hamstring the site by not offering a way to share it with other Minecraft fans.  I decided I would only go with one service and I chose Google Plus One because it was new, I use Google services heavily, but mainly because it offered the smallest and sleekest button.

So what did Plus One add?  A small image in the upper left corner with a paltry number alongside it.  This site (contrary to some blog posts) has not sent the internet into a tizzy, the number of "Plus Ones" is still a fraction of a percent of unique hits.  I can't blame anyone for not clicking it, though.  It doesn't do anything, it doesn't make it easy to share a site with friends, it doesn't make it easy to find your own way back to the site, it doesn't even connect with Google Plus as far as I know.  Currently I have had 50 wonderful users plus one mineConics, and I thank you, but I've had 32 Facebook users go out of their way to like the site in spite of my failure to put a Like button on the site.  That's when I realized that I'm almost as bad as Google at "social".

So I've put Facebook Like and Share buttons on the Site.  I've put a Tweet button on the site.  I've left the Plus One button on the site...but only in honor of the people who had the courtesy to click it, because it seems as though Google dropped the ball on social once again.

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