mineConics was mentioned on the Buckaroopopcorn Minecraft blog!  He has a fun writing style, covers a lot of Minecraft mods, and has a cool Minecraft save that you can download and explore.


By Request: Rectangles

Fedakius, thanks for posting your request!  I figured I could implement rectangles pretty quickly, so here you go.  It screwed up my presentation a bit, my 'add shape' buttons aren't all on one line any more, but I planned on redoing them anyway.

Next I plan on working Backbone.js into the code.  It won't offer any new features on the surface, but it will allow me to implement new features more quickly.  Then it's on to saving and sharing plans.



I've been pretty busy lately, but there are good things in the works for mineConics.  Currently, the work I'm doing won't add much if any functionality, but it will allow future updates to come out more quickly.

So, as for upgrades:

  • saving designs
  • sharing designs
  • spheres
  • Minecraft 'blocks'
  • auto-expansion when you extend your shape towards the edge of the graph
Any other ideas?  Any requests?


Diamonds, not Pineapples

Adsense has been pretty cool so far, I think.  I hope it hasn't caused anybody any problems because it's made me a few dollars.  I'll only need several hundred more sites like this one and I can quit my day job.  I found out some some Windows users that aren't even running adblock don't see Adsense ads because some application (antivirus?) has written to their hosts file to block those requests.  That doesn't bother me but I'm sure Google can't be happy about it.

I set up Analytics a few weeks ago, that has been really interesting.  I wish I had set it up before posting this site to Reddit, but the information has been cool all the same.  I was surprised to see that 65% of my traffic came from StumbleUpon and 15% was direct.  I had never used StumbleUpon before but it's pretty cool to see so much traffic driven from that service so quickly.  Lately direct traffic has been increasing and is at about 25% whereas StumbleUpon has dropped to about 55%.  Analytics also clued me in to the existence of a Minecraft podcast, The Shaft Podcast.  They mentioned mineConics and said that it was "diamonds, not pineapples".  It's a fun podcast, though, especially good for my daily commute or for listening to while playing Minecraft.

Today I added Google +1, it's their new version of 'like' or 'upvote' or whatever. It's small and relatively unobtrusive, unlike a lot of crap you see where sites beg that you mention them on Reddit, Facebook, or Twitter.  We'll see if it doesn't go the way of the dodo like Knol, Wave, Buzz, etc.